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Guide to Party & Wedding Invitations - PartyOzThere is more to a good invitation than meets the eye..

Invitation Protocol

A formal party or event requires 'printed' invitations, which should be mailed four to six weeks in advance. If it is an informal party you can opt for invitations bought from a shop and mailed two weeks in advance. A phone call will suffice for the most casual get-togethers.

Remember that an invitation is the real start to the party, so set the mood. Be adventurous and watch the fun begin early.

Invitation Information

  1. Names of party hosts or sponsoring organization.
  2. Type of event (birthday party, business meeting, etc.).
  3. Location Address.
  4. Date. (Alternate if any ~ rain ?)
  5. Time.
  6. RSVP date and method (Phone number, Post Address or Email).
  7. Any special dress requirements (black-tie to fancy dress.
  8. Be specific about who is invited. There is nothing worse than receiving an invitation and being unsure about who is invited. Include or comment whether it is addressee only, with guest, with spouse, partner, children or bring the whole neighbourhood.

Invitation Tips:

Always send a written invitation for a formal event, such as business gatherings, formal dinners, and special occasions like showers, weddings or events honouring someone.

Its always a good idea to include a map to location of event.

Send invitations as early as possible anywhere between 2 - 8 in advance depending on formality of occasion. Weddings require the longest lead-time; casual dinners and brunches require the least.

Invitation Sources

Sources for invitations include online and traditional retail shops. You might also consider specialist Creative Writers / Calligraphy who will design an invitation to your specific requirements.

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